Etikettarkiv: Texas Rollergirls


Last night I started to feel a little homesick for the first time. I am not sure if it actually is PMS, it usually is when I get upset all of a sudden but a chain of events made me just lay on my mattress here in Austin and stare for some hours.

It started with going to see the Daniel Johnston’s mural of Jeremiah the innocent. It made me think of my brother, when we watched the Devil and Daniel Johnston together, how we listened to his music, when we went to see him live in Gothenburg in the summer of 2008. And thinking of my dead brother always makes me a little low.


The mural was done in 1993, by then this was the wall of a record store. Today it’s the wall of a Thai restaurant with the suiting name ”Thai, how are you?”.


Me in 2008, some days after the concert. Photo by Camilla Lindberg.

After that I strolled around downtown until sunset and walked to Congress Avenue Bridge to see the famous Austin bats. I was about 1,5 hours early so I stood there by myself, determined to not give up since I had already been waiting for so long. Just when it got dark the bats started crawling out of the cavities underneath the bridge. It’s not bat season now, so there were probably only around 1 000 bats instead of 175 000 (I read that on a sign close to the bridge). It was still quite impressive though and worth the wait.

It has been a long time since I just stood for 1,5 hours without the distraction of internet (probably over four years, when I got my first smart phone). Just before the bats came out I met a Portuguese woman, who had moved to Austin six weeks ago because she was fed up with the economical situation in Portugal. She has an education in marketing, but works illicit as a nanny. She seemed lonely. She was nice and I enjoyed her bat spotting company, but it added on to my lowness. The deep economical crisis parts of Europe is in, how it forces people to leave and work illegally in another country, how she was so bored with her loneliness that she looked for other people who were alone at tourist attractions so she could make friends. She told me that’s what she does.

While standing under the bridge looking at bats together I felt something dripping on my lip. I am not sure, but I believe it was bat poop or bat pee. I wiped my lip off, bu       t after some time my tongue started burning. I am now a little worried I might catch some kind of bat disease. But I heard the Austin bats are very healthy. I hope that is correct.


Is this the bat that pooped on my face?

I felt that I should have asked the woman if she wanted to go out for a drink after our bat adventure, but I’m a little sick of drinking too, so I just caught the bus back to my hosts’ house, had dinner and then intended to update this blog, but lied on my mattress, staring for three hours before I realized it wasn’t going to happen.

Altough this blog post sound super gloomy I have had a blast in Austin, as I had in every other place I have visited. For that I thank my hosts, here and everywhere else I’ve been. What life savers they are!

In Austin I have been skating so much – parks, banked track with TXRD, flat track with TXRG! Austin is the roller derby mecca, it was here it all started again about 15 years ago. I have skated with and against members of Team USA. Today I had to deliberately take a day off skating so I have energy tomorrow to attend a bootcamp with Texas Roller Girls. I have sung karaoke – FINALLY, gotten drunk on 6th street, eaten greek food with the greek national roller derby team, strolled around downtown, shopping vintage cowboy stuff and looking at local craft jewelry.


Wednesday: Chicks In Bowls Heart of Texas skate park meet up. I learned how to stall!


Thursday: My host Lacy Bones of Texas Roller Derby’s (that’s the banked track team) Holy Rollers took me for a three hour long private lesson at their warehouse on Thanksgiving. She even taught me how to flip the rail.


Thursday: After skating she took me to the highest point in Austin. This is what it looks like.


Thursday: Your favorite karaoke singer in the world! (There are no photos from Friday because of this karaoke night on Thursday).


Saturday: Met two of my teammates from Gothenburg Roller Derby at a scrimmage with Texas Roller Girls (flat track team). They are playing for team Greece and I scrimmaged against them with a Texas team. 


Sunday: Apparently food trucks is a big thing here. They are everywhere, so I decided to eat at one of them. When I arrived to this parking lot with tons of food trucks only this one was open. It was creole food. It felt a little weird since I’ve eaten that where it’s supposed to be eaten, but on the other hand I have had soooo much Tex Mex since I came to Texas. Anyways: the food was good.

I’ve been here since Tuesday morning last week – I have one and a half more days to go before I leave to Dallas for the roller derby world cup. Even though Dallas is only three hours away it is supposed to be very different from Austin. Someone said that Austin is a tiny blue lagoon in a huge red sea. It will be interesting to see the difference. I am not sure I will enjoy the republican typically Texan part of Texas as much.

I was planning on going kayaking in the river that runs through the city today, but the nice 23 degree (Celcius) days suddenly were over. Today it’s windy and cold and I decided that it’s OK for me to do nothing. Eight weeks of traveling has started to take it’s toll on me, and more and more I just feel like doing nothing. I still have three weeks to go, the one that has just started will be intense with the world cup coming up, the two following will be intense too – my boyfriend is meeting up with me in Dallas and we’re going to road trip through the desert to Los Angeles. I’m a little worried about how I’ll feel towards the end of this adventure, on the other hand, having company might give me extra energy.

After Memphis I started feeling like I had too much time until the world cup, that I maybe was in over my head. I had planned on stopping between Memphis and New Orleans, but as I have written before I was told not to. I had also thought about stopping between New Orleans and Tampa, but for the same reasons I was told not to stop in Jackson I was told to go straight to Tampa. This have meant fewer and longer stops than I first intended to. Which has been both good and bad, the longer stops means days like this one, where I can just stay at home and do nothing, but even though I’m exhausted the long stays make me a little restless. It’s like that guilt Swedish people feel when they are indoors on a sunny day – I feel guilty for not making the most out of this trip. But I only have so much energy. I’m hoping it will come back to me soon.

Lots of love,

Vulvo Amazon


Long time, no see

I’ve been meaning to do this everyday for the last week, but it has been so full of awesomeness that I had to actually put this Saturday afternoon aside to finally write this blog post.

I left Seattle over a week ago. On my last night Lars and I went to a feminist comedy club called the Comedy Womb. It was an open mic night and many of the comedians weren’t very good, but the atmosphere was great and more than half of the comedians were female, queer or transgender, which is something pretty uncommon when it comes to stand up comedy. The main act of the night was Joannn Schinderle and she was so funny! I really enjoyed it.

The next day I left Lars in Seattle and flew to Nashville where Phantom Power of The Nashville Rollergirls was my host. We got along great right from the start and she even let me cuddle with her boa snake. She also tried to feed it with a dead mouse, but it wasn’t very interested even though she poked the mouse with a stick to make it look more alive.

I had one day in Nashville before WFTDA Championships started so we planned to do so many things in that day, but mainly we just went to have lunch and beer with two of Phantom’s friends and then went back to get dressed up to go to a concert. Since Halloween was the following day we made ourselves look really spooky. When we got to the concert there was no-one there and we realized that the concert had been the previous day. So we just went to a bar and had a booze filled chocolate milkshake that I think was called the Bushwacker, which apparently was a local thing. So this was the second time in a week I went dressed up for a Halloween party but just ended up at a bar.


Salads and peach beers for lunch with Sunshine, Pantom, Vulvo and Mayhem.


We dressed up for ages to go to a concert, but there wasn’t any concert.

Then Champs started. Oh my god! So much great roller derby. I’m just gonna copy paste what I wrote on Facebook late one night when I couldn’t sleep because I was too euphoric for those of you who are my friends on Facebook – it is edited, so you might aswell read it again.

”Just a quick note about champs before I go to sleep and forget stuff. I’m not even gonna write about all the amazing derby because I’m lacking words to describe it. But yeah! DERBY!

Day 1. Got really moved during national anthems. I don’t even know why. It’s just so amazing teams from five countries are participating. My favourites are every team that is not American. (And among the American teams Texas stole my heart.)

The Berlin Bombshells chose the Anthem of Europe  which is Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (didnt know there was an european anthem before today) because they felt they were representing European roller derby and not only German. (And I felt it too! I cried when they won the game that made them number three in Division 2 – but that was on day three).

Other things that happened was that I wanted to buy everything every vendor were selling, I got a face paint and met Scald Eagle in the bathroom line, she told me she liked it. I felt really starstruck and aswered ”I like yours too, even though you’re not wearing any now, but the one you wear when you skate” And after that it got awkward but I still asked her to undo my skeleton onepiece zipper, because I couldn’t do it myself.


I have gotten so much use out of this costume. Best buy on the whole trip. This is also the facepaint Scald Eagle liked (a pro did it for free. One of the vendors had a face painter there for Halloween, but I didn’t buy anything of them.) On the back is the zipper she undid.

Day 2. Bought an amazing custom made Vulvo-tanktop, so I started to spend my money at the vendors. But I also lost my wallet but it was luckily found again. The announcers actually asked for Oskarsson during Texas-Gotham. That is probably the closest I’ll ever get to be a derby celebrity. I was super impressed by Victorian Roller Derby League from Melbourne. But the Texas-Gotham game. I don’t even know where to start. I am constantly starstruck by all amazing athletes from all teams. I saw 7 games of derby today so I’m all weird now. Time to sleep. I’ll write something proper eventually.

To be continued… Final day tomorrow.

And also! All the amazing people I’ve met, and the blocking. Omg the defence, the walls. I can’t even… (Can’t sleep obviously. Too excited.)”


Phantom DJ:d all day every single day of champs!

Day 3 – final day. Got up really early again, after way too little sleep due to excitement. At 8.30 I attended a scrimmage at the venue where Champs were held. I was really nervous before it started, I thought I was gonna be the worst skater there and that I was gonna do crap. But I wasn’t the worst and I did alright. From the only photo of me from that scrimmage it doesn’t look like I’m doing much though. Phantom had the kindness to write notes for me about what she thinks I need to practice more on doing.


This is the only photo of me scrimmaging that I found. As you can see I’m not being very useful, but still it’s proof I was there. Photo by DerbyWithRecess.

After the scrimmage my volunteer shift started. In case I didn’t write it earlier I volunteered all days of Champs and it was so much fun. But my Sunday shift was probably the most honourable. I guarded the Hydra, the trophy that the worlds’ best roller derby team is rewarded after winning the final of the WFTDA champs.

The day was great, the games were great. I got a little drunk from drinking expensive wine at the venue and bought some wheels that I had been thinking of buying the whole weekend, but hadn’t because I wanted to save money. But I justified that buy with planning on selling some of my other wheels that I never use when I go back home.


Before the final there was a really cool high school marching band and I guess cheerleaders. This photo is crappy, but you might get the idea from it. I think they were  called the Spartans.

The final was probably the greatest game of derby ever played. Gotham won their fifth hydra in a row, but Rose City were so close, before the last jam they were in a lead. Gotham won with 147 -144 in the last seconds of the game. Amazing. I think 90 percent of the people at the venue wanted Rose City to win. People were flapping their arms as eagles to cheer for Scald Eagle. That was cool.


This is how excited I was during halftime of the final. To my left there is Phantom and to my right Monster, who I befriended in Detroit. You can also see my awesome custom Vulvo-tanktop.

The afterparty was cool too! It had a dancefloor in one room and a dragshow in the other. I have never been to a dragshow before so I really enjoyed it. Two of the girls were REALLY good dancers. The other room was actually also filled with some good dancers, I danced with some of the worlds’ best derby players. That was fun. At one point the DJ played Blurred Lines and everyone stopped dancing and started booing. That was funny.

I stayed in Nashville for two more days so I would actually have time to see the city before I was going on to Memphis. But I was so exhausted from such an eventful weekend that I really didn’t see much of Nashville. Me and Phantom went skating at dusk in a park on the Monday, but we slept until noon and had brunch for ages so we got delayed. On our way back it was pitch dark and it was kind of scary, but a fun experience.


Just before it got dark and we skated downhill that was too steep and curvy for me.

The next day Phantom was back at work and I was supposed to entertain myself in Nashville, but I didnt actually go to Downtown Nashville before 2 pm because of reasons like I saw three vultures flying around a dead opossum and found that really interesting. In Nashville apparently cowboyboots are a big thing. So many cowboyboot-stores with the same deal – buy one, get two free. Almost regretting I didn’t buy some, but I already have three pairs and they are kind of heavy to carry around. Also, I am going to Texas later on and there probably will be some cowboyboots there.

As you probably can figure – I had a really good time in Nashville, but it was time for me to leave, so I headed for Memphis on the Wednesday.

I was gonna write about Memphis aswell, but this has already taken too much time, so I’ll give you an update on that maybe tomorrow. If I find time and a computer. Also – somehow I cant upload pictures from my Iphone to this computer so, some photos will be added later on. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already have seen them though.

Until next time, lots of love,

Your Vulvo cruising through America.