Sleeping well in Seattle

I slept for 13 hours last night. I probably needed it because the bad luck from locking myself out from the house in Cincinnati hasn’t quite left me since I came to Seattle on Wednesday last week. I have apparently been instagramming so much about my misfortunes that a post yesterday about drinking bad homemade mead at an Ethiopian restaurant made my dad worried I was having a horrible time. I am not. I am enjoying myself and try to see every bump in the road as a part of my adventure. And these bumps haven’t even been big.

Bump 1.

We went to Snoqualmie where parts of Twin Peaks was filmed. We chose Friday because it was supposed to be the only rain free day of my week in Seattle. So the plan was good, when it came to weather, but we should have done our research better. We came to Snoqualmie Falls, which was beautiful, and planned on hiking in the valley from there. The man in the visitor’s centre explained a route for us to walk. Turns out the route was along a road with quite heavy traffic and no sidewalk. We walked by the side of the road for maybe 1,5 hours to where we were supposed to walk across the river on a bridge. We came to the bridge, but it was closed off. After consulting a woman who stopped her car to take a photo of something we found another way and finally got to North Bend, where we eat the largest meals of our lives at the café where they serve coffee and cherry pie in Twin Peaks.

For people planning on visit Twin Peaks Land in the future: do your research, and consider going by car. Even though the actual bus ride was alright, walking between places weren’t as scenic as we hoped for.


Snoqualmie Falls.


We found and old railroad track that ended half way across a river. The wood it was made of was half rotten and it was super scary to walk on.


Even though we walked along a big road we got to see some nice views. There are more photos of Twin Peaks stuff on my Instagram if anyone is interested.

Bump 2.

Since this is my big roller derby adventure, I wanted to play some roller derby while in Seattle. I contacted Rat City Rollergirls and went to practice with them on Saturday morning. Their venue is called The Nest and is situated in Shoreline, about an hour north of Downtown Seattle by bus. Getting to and from the Saturday practice was fine, but Lars and I planned on going to a halloween bar night they held pretty close to The Nest later on that night. After me missing out on karaoke in Detroit i was pshyched about finally getting to sing at a bar, dressed as a skeleton. So we went home and got ready, hopped on the bus from Lars’ home in Madrona, and after an 1,5 hour long and partially scary bus ride with several encounters with shady people we finally made it to Aurora Village Transit Centre, about three kilometres from the party. We knew there weren’t any buses so we had already looked up some numbers for taxi services. But noone answered us. We gave up after 20 minutes and took the bus back to Seattle since we didn’t want to walk in the dark and the rain in a neighbourhood we knew nothing about. I missed out on karaoke again. Luckily i still have plenty of time in America.


Practiced hockey stops with these guys and got a lot better.


We were ready to party but all we got was a long bus ride with weirdos. We might have been two of them.

Bump 3.

I was gonna go to practice with Rat City again tonight, but Google Maps lied about what time the bus left, so I missed it and since I didn’t have anyone’s phone number I couldn’t text them and tell them I was gonna be late, so I skipped practice. it would have felt too rude being 30 minutes late as a guest. Practice started at 6 pm. I missed the bus at 4.30. That’s how far it is to get there. And also, America is built for cars, not public transport :(. We went for a run instead, but I forgot to pee before, so the run was short. I’m pretty happy about that.

But everything else has been great in Seattle, and as I wrote before, even the ”bad” experiences have been good in a way. I still loved our Twin Peaks adventure, I got to skate with Rat City at least once and when we missed the party we went and had tacos at a Mexican restaurant, and they were probably the best tacos I’ve ever had, and the margaritas were good too. And me being dressed as a sugar skull just added to the experience.

Other fun things we’ve done in Seattle are for example: visiting the EMP, a museum dedicated to pop culture. It was probably the best museum experience I have ever had. Lots of fun interactive stuff, like learning how to play musical instruments and photo booths and filming in front of a green screen with flying hammerheads and such. We also went to ”movie court” on Central Cinema, where two comedians discussed whether Scream was guilty of cinematic crime or not. We watched the movie, ate and had beer in the theatre (I wish all cinemas were like that) and they paused every now and then to talk about the movie. I was still scared, even though I’ve seen the movie plenty of times before and they aimed at making fun of it.

So dad, don’t worry, i’m having a great time. I’ve done more than what I have written about here aswell, but I’m not sure if anyone really is interested in such a detailed report. I’m feeling too detailed as it is at the moment.


Being taught how to scream as horror movie villains at EMP.


Hung out with Alien at EMP.


This guy tried to convince us Scream was responisible of all the bad horror movies coming after it, but the audience didn’t agree.


I introduced Lars to all the good stuff Irene introduced me to in China Town of New York. But this time we were in International District of Seattle. It’s basically the same thing – food and people with origin in east and south east Asia. We had bubble tea (I’m obsessed now and almost bought tapioca pearls in a grocery store in International district) and also had dumplings and Pho.


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