$pending all my money$

This week I really exceeded my budget with maybe $500, probably more. I know travelling is expensive and I try to shut it out, but it still feels pretty bad. I keep reminding myself that I have saved up for this trip for a long, long time. Or at first I didn’t know what I was saving for. But now is time to spend money. I was sick of earning.

When I started planning this trip I wrote in a roller derby group on Couchsurfing about my plans. A woman in Cincinnati said that if I would pass by her part of America I could come stay with her and her wife. I had no plans what so ever going to Cincinnati, but thought it’d be a nice experience – and also it was on my way from Detroit to Nashville where WFTDA Championchips are held next weekend. So I planned my trip with that route in mind.

But my boyfriend got a scholarship to study for two months in Seattle at the University of Washington. And that made me to a short detour to the opposite side of the country. I had told myself that I wouldn’t go visit him, that we were gonna meet up after world cup in Dallas and that I could go two months without him. After two weeks I started missing him so much I had to buy a really expensive flight ticket Cincinnati-Seattle-Nashville.


Downtown Cincinnati seen from Newport, Kentucky. But Downtown wasn’t all that fun. The best parts of the city (that I saw) were problably North Side, where I stayed, and Clifton, where the univeristy is situated.

This made my time in Cincinnati shorter than I had planned, but I still could fit a lot of stuff in. Emily Joy/Sk8 Crime picked me up on Sunday night. On the Monday I walked around for maybe five hours in Downtown Cincinnati. I have never been cat called so many times in my entire life before. One man even asked if I sold sex. Not that people should ask you that if you were revealing clothes either, but the only skin I showed was my face and my hands. Apart from that my first day in Cincy was nice. I even walked across a bridge to Kentucky (Cincinnati is situated in Ohio). In the evening Sk8 Crime, who just retired from Ohio Rollergirls (in Columbus, 2 hours away from Cincy) took me to a practice with the Cincinnati Battering Rams, the men’s roller derby team. The coach was Tink, one of team USA:s players (still men’s derby). I felt like the worst skater in the bunch, as I have been a lot during this trip, but I keep comforting myself with thinking I’ve only done this for two years and before that I had never even stood on a pair of quads. I also felt the need to explain to everyone that we don’t have skating rinks in Sweden and that roller skating really wasn’t a thing before derby came.


Tink, Sk8 Crime, and I. Sk8 Crime said she would gladly come to Sweden and guest coach my league (probably other leagues aswell) as long as we pay her ticket. She sold the idea by saying ”I used to skate for Gotham”. But as a Swede I think skating with a top 20 WFTDA team is pretty cool as well. She is also a very lovely person – so who’s up for collecting some money to get her to our side of the Atlantic?

On the Tuesday I walked again, to the university district; it really was like a college movie, greek letters on fraternity- and sorority houses. I planned on taking a nap before we were gonna go out and have dinner, so I went back to the house early to find out I had locked myself, and my hosts, out. That little misfortune cost me 90 dollars and before we were in most restaurants had closed. It was a long time since I felt so embarrased over myself.

Early next morning I hopped on a flight to Seattle to see my boyfriend. If I update this blog again tomorrow I might actually catch up to where I am on this trip. I don’t know exactly why the restistance of writing is so big, it is probably due to me writing in English and it’s way harder than writing in Swedish. But also that I keep myself busy doing fun things.





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