Theatre Bizarre

On Saturday 18th of October we attended Theatre Bizarre – The Illusionists’ Ball in Detroit. I had been looking forwards to it since Abby first told me about it in the Facebook chat like two months ago. There were 4 000 attendees on eight floors with different concepts on each floor. My expectations were high, but the party exceeded them. At 4 am when the party finished I felt like it had just started. If you have seen Eyes Wide Shut – that is the feeling I had throughout the whole party. Except it wasn’t that scary.

Real cameras weren’t allowed inside, so all the photos I’ve got are just crappy mobile phone photos. And i’ve also been very lazy with using my real camera even when I am allowed to use it. But seeing these makes me want to take better photos.


I came to Detroit knowing I had to fix a costume. I soon decided I wanted to be a sugar skull/skeleton. Finding a costume for a halloween party isn’t very difficult in USA. This skeleton onepiece I bought at ”Party City”. A store just for parties, and since halloween is coming up they had a huge halloween section. I wanted to buy everything. Why don’t we have party stores in Sweden? But since my make up skills aren’t the best Abby’s and Kaje’s friend Monster did my make up before the party.


Me and Abby outside Monster’s house just before we left for Theatre Bizarre. Around 7 pm.


Abby and Kaje about when we came to the party. Kaje’s working shift was just over. The three of us all volunteered at the party. Kaje worked with security, Abby was the boss of the facility ghouls (people who cleaned the floors) and I worked in the photo booth. My job was basically to take drunk people in fabulous costumes about three metres to where they were going to be photographed, and then walk them three more metres to where they were handed their photos. Super easy – and fun!


The fountain ball room. This photo is taken in the beginning of the party, the later it got, the more packed the room got. The DJ:s played very Detroity electronic music and there were lot’s of dancing. At around 2-3 am I just sat there and watched people dance. The little mermaid Ariel and her boyfriend Prince Eric was especially interesting to watch. I don’t know what substance the boyfriend was on, but he had way more energy than people  normally do after 6 hours of partying and danced very energetic. He was a good dancer aswell. Ariel sat on a chair with her smartphone, looking tired and sick of Prince Eric, who never stopped trying to get her to dance. She never danced with him though. I almost went up there because I felt sorry for Prince Eric and wanted to dance, but I didn’t dare to.


The fifth floor was ”the sex floor” with burlesque performances and a room called The Fistitorium. Even though I enjoyed the burlesque performances there is something about stripping, no matter what form it comes in, that I don’t like. I know burlesque is supposed to be a feministic way of taking control of your own body, but to me it doesn’t feel a 100 percent right. But as I wrote before – I still enjoyed it. It just left me with dual emotions.


This is the Fistitorium. My camera couldn’t even find focus when it came to this room. I didn’t see anoyone have actual sex in there but apparently people had. I saw spanking, crucifixion, people hanging in meat hooks and an old, weird looking, man in a cage giving people foot rubs. Kaje said there were people shooting up in there aswell, but I only saw BDSM.


Since we helped carving the pumpkins we figured we could take one of them home with us after the party. Abby’s and Kaje’s pumpkin had been stolen from their garden so they needed a new one. I got the job to carry it since my outfit was already dirty from (someone else’s) piss. Since it is a one piece the top part was hanging/lying on the floor when I went to the bathroom. When I zipped it up again it was all wet…

With this belated blog post about the coolest party I’ve ever been to I just want to say – if you are ever in Detroit around halloween – look it up – and go!

Since the party i’ve been in Cincinnati and now I’m in Seattle. I’ll have to write another post about that later. I don’t feel it fits very well in this one.




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