Once upon a time in the history of roller derby

In Sweden a historical event in the world of roller derby is taking place, the first ever game in the Swedish series of roller derby is being played between Vasteras Roller Derby and Dock City Rollers. In the meantime I am situated in Detroit, an important place in the history of international roller derby, I have found out.

It seems like half of the roller derby players in Sweden started because of the movie Whip It with Drew Barrymore. Turns out bits of Whip it was recorded in Detroit and that one of the girls who I scrimmaged with the other night – Racer McChaseHer – is one of persons who taught Drew Barrymore to skate.

The Grand Prix Madonnas, the Detroit Derby Girls hometeam I scrimmaged with has been undefeated in the home league two years in a row. My hosts Rock’em Shock’em and aNOMaly are and have been members of that team so I promised I would write that. Sadly aNOMaly has retired from roller derby due to an injury.

Another historic roller derby thing I’ve experienced here is that some of the guys from DETRiot who I scrimmaged against wrote the first ever draft of the WFTDA rules.

Apart from that I haven’t done very much skating in Detroit. We went to the scrimmage on Tuesday and were supposed to go to league practice with Detroit Derby Girls on the Wednesday, but Rock’em had to work late so we instead went to The Masonic Temple to carve pumpkins for the giant freakshow party we’re attending tonight.


I can now put professional pumpkin carver on my resume.

The Masonic Temple is also where Detroit Derby Girls plays bouts. It’s probably the coolest bout venue in the world. It looks like something out of a Batman movie.

IMG_6995The Masonic Temple – home of The Detroit Derby Girls and Theatre Bizarre

The most part of this week I’ve spent sight seeing with aNOMaly and Tallulah, while Rock’em has been working. Tallulah is their daughter. We’ve visited General Motors headquarters, eaten amazing barbeque, looked at beautiful autumn leaves on Belle Isle and looked at majestic abandoned buildings. Detroit really has a post apocalyptic vibe.


The conservatory on Belle Isle with aNOMaly and Tallulah.


Tried to make Swedish meatballs, but they rather turned out as meat patties. Still tasted good though.

We’ve also hung out with their friends in Fabolous Ferndale, the gay capitol of Michigan. Accordning to Rock’em about 60 % of the inhabitants are gay. Last night we went to a totally gay garden party at ”The Lavender Lounge” (that’s what the people who live there calls their house). After that we visited a haunted house and I walked through it with a girl (maybe 10 years old) who was so scared she hugged me like she was my koala baby for the entire time. After that we went to one of those bars you see in movies where someone who is depressed and lonley goes in and orders whiskey after whiskey. Only here noone was depressed and people sung karaoke. I wasn’t drunk enough to dare singing though. Regretting that now a bit now. Next time maybe.


The girl (whose name I sadly forgot) who rather hugged me for the entire haunted house than her own mother.

Lots of love, your Vulvo


One thought on “Once upon a time in the history of roller derby”

  1. Synen på Detroits arkitektur bekräftas på ett spännande sätt genom dina bilder. Många övergivna hus, pampiga byggnader och en hel del grönska. Tänker på searching for sugar man.


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