Made it to Detroit

Before I went on my journey I had a conversation with my great friend Elsa about travelling by bus in USA. She said: wear a big hoodie and sit next to the Amish people. On my bus ride I wore the hoodie I brought only because of her (but that have come in super handy – great travelling tip), but I didn’t find any Amish people until I transferred in Cleveland unfortunately.

Now that the bus ride is over and done with I am not afraid of the Greyhound buses anymore. It felt super safe and the 14 hour ride went smoothly without delays. I shared seats with a young Spanish talking mother and her toddler. The mother tried talking to me in Spanish many times during the journey. Since I don’t speak Spanish I had to use google translate on my phone to communicate with her. It didn’t go very well so we settled for sharing some snacks. That was about the most dramatic that happened during the bus ride.

The second I came to Detroit things started to get a little more dramatic though. To begin with there was an old, mentally ill man at the bus station who started every sentence with ”HELLO! Hey man, oh man, get over” and then went on and about how he had three sons, one of which were a murderer. He wasn’t scary until he started yelling ”whore” and ”slut” after a female security guard.

Right when that happened a bus with prisoners rolled in. I don’t know if they were on probation or if they got out of jail but they wore the jumpsuits (not the orange ones, the beige ones) and a whole bunch of super dressed up girlfriends greeted them with passionate kisses at the bus stop.

2 minutes later my ride and hosts came to pick me up. We did a quick tour of Detroit before heading to their place where I fell asleep. And then we went to DETRiot men’s derby first ever scrimmage. I played with Grand Prix Madonnas, one of Detroit Derby Girl’s home teams against the men. And we won!



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