Why Vulvo Amazon?

I am officially on my way. Vulvo Amazon’s Wonderful Journey has begun. Since I have so much time to kill at Arlanda Airport I’m gonna try blogging from my phone.

Since nothing really interesting has happened yet I thought I’d write about my derby name: Vulvo Amazon.

It’s actually my second derby name, at first I called myself Sigge Stardust. Sigge is a Swedish ”men’s name” and what my family used to call me as a kid. But I didn’t feel very original with the name (not so much Sigge, my teammates still call me that, but the Stardust part) and when I saw that another Swedish derby players took a similar name I decided it was time to change.

Back to Vulvo Amazon. Volvo is one of the most (if not the most) well known Swedish exports. The model Volvo Amazon which was released in 1956 is a especially famous. I’m no expert in cars, I am not slightly interested in them but this one I (and most other Swedes) know of. Maybe because of the Svenne Rubins song ”En gammal Amazon” (an old Amazon).

The company Volvo is originally from my hometown Gothenburg. So I thought the name had a local touch when I’m both abroad and in Sweden. An amazon is a female warrior (do I even need to explain?). And a vulva is something I was born with. Also my derby number is 56, and that worked well with the car being released that year although the number of the model is 121.

Kisses from Arlanda
Your Vulvo


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