It’s a long way to Detroit

I’m gonna try to write this post in English. If I feel comfortable doing that I might continue writing in English throughout the whole trip, in case some of my hosts or people I meet along the way would like to read what I write.

Anyways – if I wasn’t freaking out before (which I totally was) I am now. In less than a week I will start the trip I have been planning since spring.

I will start in New York City on Sunday, the plan is to stay there for a  week. So far so good. But after New York I’m going to Detroit, turns out it was further between those cities than I first thought (615 miles or 989 kilometers to be exact). The Greyhound bus takes about 14 hours to get there and is an over night ride. I’ve heard a little too much negative things about the buses to feel safe doing that.

Because of this I planned on doing the trip in two parts. I looked at a map and saw that Niagara Falls are somewhere in between Detroit and NYC. But when I looked that up further I realized driving through Canada isn’t the easiest way to travel if you don’t go by car. The buses from Niagara Falls go on the south side of Lake Eire which makes that another 14 hour bus ride. And the trip to the falls from NYC is about 8 hours.

I’d really rather not fly from New York to Detroit, and I’d like to spend a day or two somewhere in between, I’d be happy to visit a smaller town with picturesque surroundings. But the more I think of this – the more confused I get. I don’t know at all what to do anymore. Does anyone know of any nice places/people somewhere between NYC and Detroit? If not I started to think of going to New England and Boston and fly from there. I really need some input here. Have anyone been to Niagara Falls? Is it worth the trip?

On the plus side – once I get to Detroit I have awesome things planned. I’m going to this huge freakshow called Theatre Bizarre, held in the world’s biggest masonic temple. From the pictures I imagine it being very much like the TV series Carnivále. At the party I will volunteer as a photo booth assistant, which will fun, although I was hoping to get the job as the popcorn girl.

Picture from

Ps. after writing this I am very unsure if I should continue writing in English, I feel that what makes me a good writer is lost in translation 😦


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